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Just Favorites About us

We are Brenda & Danny Berendsen; the faces in front and behind Just Favorites & Little Favorites. And the proud parents of Jax (4) and James (2) - our favorite sources of inspiration.

The beginning of Just Favorites / Just Favorites, for you

Brenda has traveled a lot in the purchasing and selling of clothing. After years of seeing customers leave the store happy, I started to feel the itch to start selling independently. Of course with her husband(s) by her side!

Danny started his own company in 2013 as a Personal Trainer and has expanded his company in recent years with trainers and offerings. That knowledge of entrepreneurship is a nice addition to Brenda's expertise and so Just Favorites was born.

While Brenda selects and presents the Favorites, Danny photographs the (new) range and ensures that the webshop runs smoothly.

“With Just Favorites I hope to inspire you with stylish outfits that seamlessly match the latest trends”


Owner Just Favorites & Little Favorites

The birth of Little Favorites

“During my pregnancy with Jax, I discovered that it is quite a search to find nice clothes when you are pregnant. While you want to look nice during this special period!” said Brenda. This inspired her to start a preggy-proof collection during James' pregnancy, in other words: stylish maternity clothes!

“When I was pregnant with James, the pregnancy-proof collection came at just the right time! An additional advantage: I could wear and test all Favorites myself.”

But, as a (future) mother, you are not only looking for nice favorites for yourself, but also for your child(ren)...
Due to the positive reactions to the pregnancy-proof collection, it was inevitable to also add Favorites for the little one. Thus, Little Favorites was born in 2021; the baby department of Just Favorites. With this extension you can not only shop favorites for yourself, but also favorites for your child!

“Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for the latest Favorites for you and your child”

Did you know...you can easily save all your Favorites on our website by clicking on the heart <3? Easily create an account and manage your favorites!